Movies Coming to You at Home

Movies Coming to You at Home

When I was young I used to look forward to a movie coming to a theater. There was the movie of the week on ABC but not the same as the big screen uptown. These days there are more movies coming out. More channels on the TV. More ways to down load a movie. Some time ago we started downloading from Netflix when Blockbuster stores shut their doors. The evolution of High Definition and 4K has been great but also makes it difficult to download with increased bandwidth. If you suffer from slow downloads or buffering, it’s not Netflix or Vudu causing the issue, its your download speed off the WiFi or Ethernet. Always pull a hard wire to the TV or BluRay. Use an app called Speedtest to make sure your getting at least 18 Mbps in your download, upload not so important since all you are sending is simple commands. Your ISP have several high speed plans available at little or no additional cost if you negotiate with them. The Netflix “down load only” account is about $10 a month. The Amazon Prime account comes with free shipping etc. plus free music and great first run movies for $89 a year. You should have one or the other during this hot season and probably all year long. Whether sitting by the pool in Mansfield or the pool table in Grand Prairie, you need a way to stream to your TV or projector.


Where is the Music coming from

Where is the Music coming from

I have an older receiver that still works but it is missing so many of the features that come on new receivers that I will probably replace it soon. The new receivers have the ability to connect to the Internet now using WiFi or hard wired Ethernet. There are literally thousands of radio stations that broadcast on the internet from one end of this world to the other. Into Swedish Bluegrass, you can find it on the Internet. Maybe your favorite Sports team is in Boston or New York.Pick up local sports channels from either one. When you get tired of listening to the thousand tunes you downloaded from music services like iTunes via Airplay, switch over to a genome service like Pandora. Want a little more control over who you listen to, go to Spotify. You can even listen to Satellite Radio like Sirius on your new receiver. It’s all coming into your home via the Internet, crisp and clear. We can add this custom touch to your home audio systems like we have for many in Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill and Midlothian. We carry popular brands like Denon, Yamaha and Pioneer.

Audio Video Receiver

Get Control of your Electronics

Get Control of your Electronics
Universal Remotes are the best way to simplify your viewing of TV. Most of my customers like to add better sound to a TV with an Audio Video Receiver or Soundbar. They like to rent or buy Movies to watch on a Blu Ray Player. They may have a media player like a ROKU or AppleTV for specialized programs or music. If they don’t  have a universal remote at this point, its gets almost silly figuring out which remote to pick  up.After possibly figuring out which one, you start reading buttons with type so small you need magnifying glasses. If the room is dark, you may need to even get up and turn on the lights to see what your looking at on the remote.
If this sounds familiar, you should upgrade to a Universal remote. It takes the place of all the remotes for your entertainment needs. The better ones can be programmed to run “macros” or push one button to turn on everything on/off at once, etc. Using the remote is simple in comparison to the juglling of up to 5 remotes at once. Most remotes can take place of over a dozen stand alone remotes, in case you have more than one system in your home. Cost for these remotes run anywhere from $300 to $600 fully programmed.
The universal remotes work as intended as long as you keep the same equipment. If you upgrade equipment or switch service providers, just a few changes in the “program” will change the commands to match. You will love how easy they work each and every time you are ready to enjoy your home entertainment
remote for TV

Home Automation is Easy

Home Automation is Easy

The Home is not just a place to eat, sleep and shower. We spend more time at home today than ever before. No need to leave to shop. We shop online, even for groceries. Grab a book at the bookstore. Now we can download best sellers as soon as the books hit the shelves. Why go to the cinema when we can download movies in high definition from Netflix over the wifi. So we go out to eat occasionally.

Keeping an eye on our homes while we are away is easier than ever too. Due to home Automation we can turn the thermostat up or down from the easy chair at home or the beach a 1000 miles away. We can now lock down the house and set up the security system with a single push of a button at home or away. Alarm company calls you with a warning,no worries, you can pull up cameras whether your in bed at home or visiting Las Vegas on vacation. Hopefully its your maid coming early or pet sitter paying a visit. If not you can help the police catch the bad guys with descriptions, etc.

Oh well, you see the possibilities are endlesss. All the advantages of a universal remote with all the sophistication of a home automation system. Control your entertainment system and all the electronics that make your house a modern home.

Summertime Outdoor A/V Entertainment Ideas

Summertime Outdoor A/V Entertainment Ideas










Move it Outside

As the weather starts to warm up, more and more people are taking their parties outside. Between BBQ’s and watching movies on warm summer nights, there are so many reasons to enjoy an awesome outdoor theater in your backyard. Here are some tips, tricks, and expert recommendations on building the best outdoor home theater for any home.

First things first, it needs to be dark to watch anything outdoors. There is no projector made that is brighter than the sun so movie watching, outdoor gaming, and everything else should happen once it’s dark outside. Sure, you could install an outdoor TV, but then you’re stuck sitting on the patio huddled around a small screen? When you’re having a party, you want a large image that only a projector can create.

Placement is also an important factor. Keep in mind the distance you want to set up and how far away it is from the nearest power source as well as the lengths of your extension cords. Also make sure your setup is far enough away from the “splash zone” if you are doing an event near a pool.

For outdoor home theater use, experts recommend a minimum of 2,000 lumens and brighter as well as an HDMI connection. HD resolution is also an important feature for watching favorite movies and games in crisp and clear quality.Since this setup won’t be a permanent install and people’s expectations won’t be as demanding, you can sacrifice some contrast for increased brightness. There are plenty of great perfect for backyard movie night that cost less than $1,000.

You may be tempted to simply project the video onto a hung up sheet or directly on the side of the house. That’s fine! Do whatever suits your needs. A note of warning though: the smallest gust of wind can ripple your sheet and if the side of the house isn’t a smooth surface, your image can get easily skewed. Experts recommend screens that are extremely quick and easy to setup (you don’t want to spend half the night installing) and that keep the image tight and polished regardless of wind. From screens that fill up with air and then deflate to be put away, to roll-away screens with cinema-grade material, there is sure to be something that fits your budget.

Projectors normally don’t come with built-in speakers, however portable outdoor speakers or Anchor powered speakers feature built-in amplifiers.

There are so many options available to get your video projecting. Just make sure that the wireless router signal is strong enough to reach the projector; a Roku stick, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV are good video streaming options. Otherwise a Blu-ray player or laptop will work just as well, you’ll just need to run some extension cords.

With that said, outdoor movie theaters are the hottest trend of the summer! Be the talk of the neighborhood with the coolest backyard parties on the block. .


Sounds of Summer

If you really like full bodied sound outdoors then be sure and add some outdoor speakers. The speakers can easily be wired back to and amplifier or receiver. Some receiver have bluetooth or Apps that will allow you to control what you listen to outside. You can even plug in media devices or sources like the projector mentioned above.

Outdoor mounted waterproof speaker

Featured Product – Ambient Light Projector

Epson 1040 HD

Retails for $799.00

This projector is perfect for rooms or outdoor spaces that deal with ambient light, Blasting out 3000 lumens of light blasting with the High Definition lens.

Comes with built in speakers or connect through a receiver to amplify through loudspeakers

Features up to 15,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Connect your Blu-ray Disc® player, gaming console or streaming device


Advent of 4K

It is only recently been decided, 4K is being replaced with the term Ultra High Definition. Our next step up will be to 8K or also known as Super Hi Vision, but lets not go there just yet. UHDTV is 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels tall (8.29 megapixels), which is four times as many pixels as 1920 × 1080 (2.07 megapixels) for standard High Definition TVs outputting video in 1080p. What that means is the picture uses twice as many pixels(a box dedicated to a certain color and brightness). Does that mean it is twice as clear as 1080p? It may be. If the source such as 4K video was shot with a UHD camera. Next it has to be captured on a UHD Bluray . Then it needs to be played back on a UHD Bluray player using the right HDMI cable. If you already stopped reading, I dont blame you. Hopefully you will call or write me if you are about to make the jump to Ultra High Definition and wonder what you can do to get the best picture for your money and avoid issues with playback occurring at an alarming rate.

Aspect Ratio Friendly Projector

Digital Light Projection, also known as DLP, just announced its new dVision Scope 1080p, a native 2:35:1 precision DLP
projector. The hook here, however, is that the 2560 x 1080 dVision Scope
delivers a true 1080p solution for 2:35 aspect content, without the need for
optical stretching or an anamorphic lens.

Promising about 2.75 million pixels of detail, the single-chip dVision Scope
1080p is one of the only anamorphic lens-free, full resolution, constant height
projectors available today.

Also, even though it doesn’t use that added anamorphic lens, it can still
move easily between 1.78:1 and 2.35:1 aspect ratio content. At 1.78, that
content is displayed at a native 1080p resolution. When a wider aspect ratio is
needed, the image is resized horizontally (up to 2560 pixels), while maintaining
that vertical height. The projector can also detect the presence of “letterbox”
black bars, and automatically resize the image to fill the height of the DMD

Designed for home use with medium to large screen sizes, the Scope 1080p
boasts a flexible installation, with throw ratios as short as .8:1 and as long
as 4.5:1. Projector lumens and black levels can be tweaked based on room
conditions. Also, the projector’s quick-change motorized lens provides a broad
range of horizontal and vertical lens shift.