Advent of 4K

It is only recently been decided, 4K is being replaced with the term Ultra High Definition. Our next step up will be to 8K or also known as Super Hi Vision, but lets not go there just yet. UHDTV is 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels tall (8.29 megapixels), which is four times as many pixels as 1920 × 1080 (2.07 megapixels) for standard High Definition TVs outputting video in 1080p. What that means is the picture uses twice as many pixels(a box dedicated to a certain color and brightness). Does that mean it is twice as clear as 1080p? It may be. If the source such as 4K video was shot with a UHD camera. Next it has to be captured on a UHD Bluray . Then it needs to be played back on a UHD Bluray player using the right HDMI cable. If you already stopped reading, I dont blame you. Hopefully you will call or write me if you are about to make the jump to Ultra High Definition and wonder what you can do to get the best picture for your money and avoid issues with playback occurring at an alarming rate.

Flat Panel TV Sounds Better over Larger Speakers

All flat panels built today come with speakers. If you look closely you might even see them hidden across the bottom or on the back somewhere. If they fit in such a small space, that must mean they are just as small or smaller. My custom installed speakers in my Bedroom and Family Room are as large as 6 1/2″ and 8″ respectively. Compare that to 1 1/2″ speakers on a new flat panel TV.

I bet many of you have a stereo or Audio Video Receiver connected to a pair of speakers in close proximity to your TV. If you turn that TV around, or look behind it if its on a wall, you will find an audio out plug(s) . There are usually two kinds. One we call  an  analog out and you see a red and white surface inside the jack or port. If you have a newer TV it may have a digital out, also optical where after you plug in one end to the TV you will see a red light comng out the other end. If you have both an analog and a digital/optical input on your Stereo or Audio Video Receiver, you are good. Just find a good pair of analog cables, or at a minimum a red, white and yellow composite cable. Unfortunately, many times I find that there is a conflict between the newer TV which is normally a digital output not matching an older receiver that accepts analog only. Fortunately you are not completely out of luck if that is the case. I have a found a digital to analog converter that makes the signal acceptable to the receiver. The sound is still clear and since you are playing them over larger speakers amplified with a receiver, the depth and clarity is much better than any flat panel speakers short of the 16 speaker array like you find on some Mitsubishi televisions. So while your still wishing for the great audio that comes with Dolby HTS Digital Master soundtracks over a new 7.1 Surround Sound System with full spectrum from low to high spread out in a systematic grid, get a couple of good bookshelf speakers and hook them up to that stereo sitting by your TV. You will enjoy your watching and listening better. May want to get a Universal or program the remote that came with the receiver to control TV and input sources too.

Build a Quality Home Theater for Less

Act One primarily focuses on two things. We believe it is possible to be the best while also providing value. We install the best home theater systems in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have great home theater packages with true discounts that allow for you to get some of the better products in the industry for less. We offer in wall systems as well as on wall solutions. We can hang a TV or a new Projector and screen.We can even expand your system in giving you clear upgrade paths in both audio and video. We do the some amazing custom work and theme rooms and can help you design the room of your dreams. Please contact us today for all your home electronics, media room and home theater needs.

Internet Movies and TV

As many people already know we have relied on either off air broadcast or programming at a charge from cable or satellite for the past 25 years. Now things are changing. The bandwith of high speed Internet has increased how quickly and accurately we can retreive data. That data is now providing music and videos from thousands of sources. Many if not most of these are available at a cost far below that monthly cable cost. You still have to pay for the Internet provider but how else are you going to stay connected to the outside world. Services like Hulu and ESPN 360 are two examples of where you can go for entertainment and news. Netflix will allow you to download to some of the new BluRay players as many movies as you like from their on demand library. I enjoyed a movie this week, “Civil Action” doing just that. Worth looking into.

WiFi and Blu Ray are changing Hi Def and Audio Options

The BD-P4600 gives you everything you want and more, with breathtaking, high-definition picture and superior sound quality. You can download large files easily with its Wi-Fi connection and instantly watch movies streamed from Netflix and music from Pandora subscriptions. It’s also wall-mountable and just 1.5” thin offering the most modern touch to any living room. Simply connect the 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi dongle to one of the two USB 2.0 ports or using the traditional wired Ethernet connection. Are you a Netflix unlimited member? Instantly watch from a selection of over 12,000 (and growing) movies and TV episodes. Plus you can rock out to your favorite tunes. The BD-P4600 lets you stream your favorite music with the Pandora service. Netflix unlimited members can watch as much as they want- anytime they want. More Movies are coming, expect to find over 10,000 titles on-line now. Pandora allows you to create your own radio stations that creates a customized playlist for you based on preferences of genres and musicians.