Component Selection

Get a new Home Theater System

 Projectors create great video images  using DLP (Mitsubishi), LCD (Epson Projectors) and LCOS (JVC Projectors) when paired with the right cinema screens. Fixed-frame, wall-mounted video projector screens offers the flattest surface over drop down screens. Tensioning rods can improve flatness of a drop down screen.There is a variety of screen surface finishes/gain ratios and sizes, adjusted according to size and ambient light. Aspect ratios are in 16:9 and/or in cinema-scope 2.35/1  to accomodate different width to heigth image sizes projected.

High Definition TV comes in a flat panel plasma and LCD/LED  complimented by rear projection DLP (not flat or wall mountable) but work well in areas that beg for a larger screen like a Game Room or Home Theater.

Home Theater System Speakers can be a tower, bookshelf, on wall, in wall and in ceiling

Slim under-TV soundbar units are good when there is lack of room space or wall/ceiling locations to place mount Home Theater speakers

All components require electricity to operate and care should be taken to reduce damage due to surges with a surge protector or power manager