Room Design for Your Home Theater

As part of room design you need to decide on the overall effect you are trying to acheive. Then you need to decide how to integrate devices and components that allow you to enjoy the room even more. Consider the following…

Video display
Speaker placement
Acoustic and lighting control considerations
Home theater seating and furniture
Extras such as movie posters which complete the home cinema experience.

Choosing a location video display device (whether it is a projection screen or big-screen TV) should be placed logically in relation to your seating and speakers.

Deciding on the the right speaker placement  is more an issue of performance, selecting the type of speakers is may be more an element of style and design than performance. Full surround sound may require as many as 8 or more speakers/subs to be placed at front, sides, back and in between. A tower speaker may take up limited floor space so in-wall and in-ceiling speakers may be a better choice.

Acoustic considerations deal with room size and dimensions. Hard flat surfaces will bounce sound and create an echo effect that is undesirable. A square room can muffle sound more than a rectangular shaped room.

Lighting affects the functionality of a Home Theater. Better controls and flexible settings will provide convenience and comfort to all. Dim, all-on or all-off at the touch of a button or automatically when the show begins.

Seating is very important. A theater seat is supposed to be comfortable enough to st in without getting out of it for 3 hours while giving you proper support. Picking a fabric or grade of leather is just as important as the color or style.

Interior design extras for a dedicated home theater room may be a bit easier than if you are incorporating an HT system into your living or family room, you are the best judge on whether a theme or color scheme will work better than another.

In any event, you want your viewing and listening experience to be seamless and natural for the best home theater experience.