Get Control of your Electronics

Get Control of your Electronics
Universal Remotes are the best way to simplify your viewing of TV. Most of my customers like to add better sound to a TV with an Audio Video Receiver or Soundbar. They like to rent or buy Movies to watch on a Blu Ray Player. They may have a media player like a ROKU or AppleTV for specialized programs or music. If they don’t  have a universal remote at this point, its gets almost silly figuring out which remote to pick  up.After possibly figuring out which one, you start reading buttons with type so small you need magnifying glasses. If the room is dark, you may need to even get up and turn on the lights to see what your looking at on the remote.
If this sounds familiar, you should upgrade to a Universal remote. It takes the place of all the remotes for your entertainment needs. The better ones can be programmed to run “macros” or push one button to turn on everything on/off at once, etc. Using the remote is simple in comparison to the juglling of up to 5 remotes at once. Most remotes can take place of over a dozen stand alone remotes, in case you have more than one system in your home. Cost for these remotes run anywhere from $300 to $600 fully programmed.
The universal remotes work as intended as long as you keep the same equipment. If you upgrade equipment or switch service providers, just a few changes in the “program” will change the commands to match. You will love how easy they work each and every time you are ready to enjoy your home entertainment
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