Home Automation

One of the best things about Home Automation is that is easy to get started and doesn’t require large commitments or major changes to your home or lifestyle.

You can choose the devices that match your idea of what a “smart” home should be. The essence of Home Automation is using specialized equipment that can control your lights, appliances, heat and air, and home entertainment. Even the security and landscape maintenance are empowered with the use of Home Automation.

Events like arriving home can become safe and simple. With the push of the garage door opener lights inside the house come on, the alarm is turned off and an email is sent to a loved one letting them know you are home. The arrival of a loved one can be captured on camera and sent via the Internet to a mate working late at the office, identifying the person walking into the house. Music that person likes is already playing at a preset level and her kitchen is lit so she can drop her shopping bags before going down the lit hallway to hang up her coat. The possibilities are endless.