Controlled Scene Lighting

Ideal for TV rooms and master bedroom suites, Controlled Scene Lighting allows homeowners to enjoy a truly immersing cinematic experience in the comfort of their own homes.

Control built in lighting, shades and drapes from leading universal remotes and home automation systems. For freestanding lights use a screw-in lamp dimmer to discretely control table and floor lamps. Want to control based on events like a party or movie time? Just integrate with other equipment (via Ethernet and RS-232) using just one universal remote control device.

You can enjoy direct communication with automated shade and drapery systems. For the home theater, the introduction comes just in time for creating the perfect Superbowl or Oscar party, during which homeowners can wow their friends and neighbors with the latest in home theater technology.

Using a UPB system, devices can be easily installed in any new or existing home without running new wires, lowering cost and expanding reach of controlled lighting. For the green homeowner the control of light using dimmers at dusk to raise to full at dark saves power. If you add control of shades you can allow indirect sunlight to light an area instead of lights inside the home. Help yourself to lower electrical bills while reducing your footprint on the environment.