Universal Remotes

Universal Remote for Simple Control

If you own any number of electronic devices today then you also are the manager of all the remote controls that come with them. Unless you use them on a daily basis you can easily get confused about not only which button to push but what device to pick up to drive your Home Theater.

Our remotes can replace every device you have now so that they can all go in the bottom drawer and out of sight. One remote provides full Home Theater control.

We offer premium home automation solutions for every purpose and every room. Act One can suggest the right remote for you from a full lineup of economically-priced remote controls that are designed for maximum flexibility and usefulness. Most of the devices we offer are designed to be programmed and installed by experienced custom installation professionals but easily used by everyone.

Our remotes from Universal Remote Controls and Remote Technologies Inc. are powerful and quite advanced, and in the hands of a trained programmer they can be configured to exploit all of the rich features that provide maximum consumer benefits. While it may be possible for an advanced hobbyist to derive satisfactory results, it is our strong conviction, based upon extended experience, that our products will not deliver their maximum potential unless they are professionally programmed.