Game Room Conversion into a Luxurious Home Theater

Client had a Game Room that was a wide open space that they wanted to convert from a Game Room into a first class Home Theater. Walls and trim went up. Windows were covered. A unique Star Field treatment was added to ceiling to create an open feeling. Carpet was laid over ceramic tile. New furniture and equipment were installed after painting and carpentry were finished. The now have just what they want. A place to watch movies with family and friends. The JVC DLA-55 projector sends a high definition in both a 16:9 or 2.35:1 format in 2D and 3D. Surround Sound is provided by a 120 watt Denon receiver and Polk Rti speakers with Niles sub woofers. Last but not least, AV devices and lighting are all controlled by a wand style universal remote from URC.







Expansion from Game Room into Attic Space

Owners say this is the favorite room in their newly remodeled home. Why shouldn’t it be. They had a vision and we made it come to life for them. This room has all the comfort and convenience you could ask for. They made it large enough to seat 8 people, using 6 powered leather recliners and 2 tall stools for the back of the room.

The room is lit by beautiful wall sconces and a recessed lighting in a domed ceiling all controlled from a handheld universal remote control.  An archway leads you down a hall where a personalized banner lets you know you are entering the Family Theater.

Look hard and you can see the projector is well concealed in the ceiling and all speakers are in wall, some completely concealed behind the 92 inch screen.

The Home Theater room is used for movies, games and music. Even with their busy life they always find time touse their favorite room over and over again. They have made Sunday night their official “family movie night”, when their grown children will bring over a popular BluRay movie, that they can enjoy together.

Remodel and Integration of Custom Electronics

Classic style is one way to describe this wonderful home with dark paneling and sunny rooms. The owners enjoyed watching TV together and also when having company. The TV in the family room was too small and sat in the corner on a brick wall next to the fireplace. Wires weren’t concealed and games were laying on top of cable boxes. The owners decided to upgrade to a larger Plasma HDTV and Soundbar with subwoofer. The cable box and BluRay were hidden in a cabinet along with the games. The TV is mounted on a very low profile articulating mount so they can pull it out from the wall enough to angle towards a larger area at the end of the room for added guest. All sources and TV are controlled by a URC MX-880 universal remote.

The Master Bedroom had its own challenges with a bank of windows along one wall dictating we go with a LED HDTV across the room. We added a BluRay and a Cable Box in an area behind the decorative chairs. Ran all sources off an IR repeater run from the TV. The customer had me program a Harmony One they already owned for a universal remote.

Family Room

This family bought a new HD TV but were watching it on a stand. They wanted to mount a TV in a spot that could be seen as easily from the kitchen and dining area as well as in the family room. An articulating TV mount was just what they needed to allow it to go above the fireplace and also allow it to swing 180 degrees to point to the den, dining area or kitchen.

Whole House Audio and Distributed Video

This Client wanted a simple to use method of delivering music and sound throughout the house. They also wanted to be able to choose different sources at each location regardless of what sources were being played in another part of the house. This came in handy because they have a large two story house and it would have been a lot of up and down from their back patio into the front family room for a source change or volume adjustment. They also liked to be able to control the video sources from their family room with out any equipment or wires showing, so we ran video from a remote closet upstairs and allowed control using a normal infrared remote.


Design Ideas take away the Clutter

The client was tired of all the clutter in the built in cabinet she saw whenever she was in her Family Room or Kitchen area. The cabinet was full of black electronic boxes and other items that usually go with that like CDs and DVDs along with speakers. She chose some nice decorative cabinets and had us install all the components inside. We also hung a new flat panel on an articulating mount so she could pull it out far enough to allow viewing from several areas like beyond the corner of the fireplace all the way back to a dinig area that was in the opposite corner. The music had its own cabinet and the speakers were hidden in the ceiling for everyones listening pleasure.

New Dedicated Home Theater in Grand Peninsula

Owner told me he was ready to make the empty media room upstairs into a Home Theater and place for his family to play video games. We took some equipment he had, added some new equipment he wanted, and integrated it all into an affordable high performance set up. He now has a huge screen on the wall and full 5.1 surround sound using both tower and on wall speakers.


The room is set up with a built in equipment cabinet and light switch as you come in a set of double doors. The screen was on the front wall and the opposite end of the room so we ran extensions from front to back for game sensors along with a high definition cable to a projector on the ceiling.

Whole House Audio and Video in Gated Community

This impressive Home Theater was a dream realized by a new home owner. He bought a large house with a room that was built to be used as a dedicated home theater. It took some time to decide on just the right equipment and furniture but when it was done, he had a dynamite sound with an awesome picture.