Surround Sound

Today’s movies are all produced with surround sound in one form or another. The idea behind surround sound is to immerse the viewers senses in order to create a realistic or enhanced experience over stereo or mono sound. To accomplish this feat most movie studios encode the source such as a DVD or BluRay with a Dolby DTS – HD Master in 5.1 channel versions. There are actually 6 different sound tracks on each disk that are separated by a surround sound receiver and amplified at the speaker for that tracks audio. There are at a minimum a Front Left, Center Channel, Front Right,Surround Left, Surround Right and  a Sub-woofer.  Some movies are produced in 7.1 surround sound and will utilize a pair of Back Surround Speakers. See chart for the THX suggested positioning of each speaker.Each channel or speaker carries a unique part of the whole soundtrack, that when played at the same time provide surround sound. Proper wiring and suitable positioning of the speakers allows you to hear the parts of the sound track as the movie studio intended. The size and shape of the room will have an effect on how well the sound is transmitted from the speakers to the listener. We can assist you in choosing the right speakers and receivers to build a surround sund system. We can install the speakers to match your interior design requirements while maximizing the performance of the surround sound system.

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